Cross-Cultural Work at the FEZ Berlin

It is our intention that interculturality remains at the heart of all the work we do at the children's, youth and family centre. We aim to promote it and help develop it further. In this section, we hope to offer you a glance into the process of bringing cultures closer together at the FEZ Berlin.

Intercultural Opening

We want to ensure our children's and family centre is fully open to cultures from all over the world. We aim to replicate the cultural diversity in our society in our own little piece of Berlin. People from migrant backgrounds must be able to participate equally.

Diversity Charter

By signing the "Diversity Charter" in November 2013, we committed ourselves to specifically promoting diversity amongst our employees and creating a respectful and prejudice-free working environment where everyone feels welcome.

FEZ In Dialogue

In this series of events, guests from the domains of business and science are invited to the FEZ every 3 months, where they talk about selected topics. All interested employees have the chance to ask questions and engage in dialogue with these key personalities.

Specialist Group For Cross-Cultural Work

We have a specialist group that promotes cross-cultural work in the community. This group consists of FEZ employees from various departments and managerial levels and they meet once a month.